User Experience (UX)

With the complexity of software and digital technology, it is cruical to achieve a positive interaction between humans and computers.  Paramount to the success of any technological solution are basic, human reactions:

  • Does this solution provide value?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it enjoyable to use?

Good user experience design is a building block that leads to brand value, increased customer loyalty, sustainable growth, and improved profitability.

Product Experience

Product experience goes well beyond the product itself.  Optimization of product experience involves everything connected to your product.  How consumers:

  • might search/research online for the product
  • consider/evaluate the product

When we engineer a solution, we are doing more than just developing software. We help you design the complete product experience – from how customers find your product to how they compare it to the competition, connect with it, and ultimately purchase and use it.

Our goal is to optimize the complete product experience – to create a seamless product experience across all mediums and platforms and thus allow the customer to effortlessly and intuitively interact with your software to take advantage of all its features and benefits from the onset.


Mobility is the gold standard when it comes to how consumers interact with digital environments nowadays.  Most of us connect with our apps and tools using untethered technology.  Organizations that do not incorporate mobility into the porfolio of their digital business are already falling behind.

MELE Systems recognizes the value of mobile app development.  We design integrated solutions that give our clients a significant advantage in user experience, product versatility,  and customer service. We go the distance in mobile app development to ensure the software we design and develop seamlessly integrates cloud, mobile, and web environments. Our clients can then provide their customers with an unrivaled, versatile UX to build impecable brand loyalty with software products built to last and evolve.